Tuesday, October 9, 2007



Change is so inevitable yet so difficult .It is all about acceptance but by the time you realise that, a lot of changes have already taken place. Sometimes it is so strange, also scary to some extent to actually realise the fact that you have no hand over your destiny that everything has been pre planned, preset. We are just following orders or shall I say executing a programme that we have been programmed for. That man is a machine is so very true, literally, in the hands of the superpower (and I must say here that I believe in God), we are just mere performers. But yes, whether our performance will be good or not, we can decide that. We can put our heart and soul into the work that we have been assigned. But then again, it’s important to actually know and be sure of what that work is for which we are cut out. Some people realise it early in life, some a little late. But we should always be on the lookout for the slightest opportunities to find out what we are meant to do in this vast universe.Yes, we all have a role to play and the important thing is that it might not be the one we have dreamt of or wanted to play. It could be something else, but it will be something worthwhile and we will know what it is when we actually feel happy about what we are doing, when we are at peace with ourself.What I think the basic search is, is a search for ourself.To know us is perhaps the greatest quest, the unknown driving force which actually makes us do whatever we do in this lifetime. We search for a purpose and hence all the running, running with, running for, running after. When suddenly one day we find a peace, a peace within, when we know, or rather start understanding the purpose and meaning of life. It’s about loving all, helping as much as you can, caring and even smiling. Accepting nature as a very big source of strength actually helps us to do our work well. So here’s to happy living and smiling away through a journey called life.