Monday, March 24, 2008

Strange But True...........

Strange but true
As the days go by,
The youth surrenders
To the wiser self........
Age old wisdom calls it gold,
The world calls it old.
Surrender we must,
Surrender we will....
With a grace so subtle,
But a heart full of strong will.
Fear not the age my friend
Fear not the age,
As long as thoughts are young
And friendship grows strong,
A bunch of old friends will rejoice,
That their friendship is still young.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happiness Is Just A Thought Away......

Happiness they say
Is a state of the mind,
Make way for it
Stop and unwind.

See what peace there may be
In nature’s simple abode,
Be one with nature or God
As you perceive Him to be.
Feel the air of freedom in your face
Living life to the fullest,
With happiness and grace.
Live the present moment
Like nothing else matters,
Holy blessings to bring you peace
The Divine hand scatters.
Cast away that shadow of fear
Consider it buried in the past,
All your sorrow and tear.
Stop, pause and take a while,
See around and give that smile.
Release yourself from the daily grind

Happiness indeed, is a state of the mind.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Treat thee with SIMPLICITY........

Do we all have to be children in order to understand them??? I guess not. A pure mind, a compassionate heart, a will to understand and most importantly expecting nothing of our expectations mostly framed by a superficial social standard, from them which can drive anyone crazy! They will never be doing things as important as playing in the sun, drawing in the sand, running around with friends, not bothered about things as survival and existence, far from the maddening world of the adults, but only in childhood. Every human being is unique and a child is born with this unique identity. The adult’s role in such a case is only to help the child discover this uniqueness in him, to help him look inwards and explore rather than burden him with the superficiality of the exterior.
Let all children realize their true potential and may everyone emerge as a citizen of healthy mind and body, a soul pure enough to acknowledge purity, a character strong enough to withstand all odds, a mind broad enough to appreciate the goodness in all and a simplicity retained from childhood to make him realize it’s a wonderful life worth living.