Friday, October 17, 2008


Recently I had an idea and put that to use for two months. The post implementation feeling, which is pretty amazing, I wanted to share it with all you friends out here. I had thought of two things:
Firstly- I would try and help out someone in need (and by that I don’t mean in need of a mobile phone or a watch!), a real need , once every week i.e. a minimum of one help every week. Secondly-I decided that I would put away some money (don’t ask me how much, cause it’s very minimal, but hey! That’s the best I can do at this age and with my means:)). And at the end of every month I would spend it on someone randomly, someone I don’t know, who doesn’t expect anything from me, someone who needs it. A need far better justified than the need for a bigger television (37”, 41” ...60”, 65”, plasma, HD???), better car (is Ferrari the limit???), the latest video game (is it Prince of Persia, GTA IV or Madden2009???) Then I thought “let’s corporatize my ideas a lil bit, let’s give them a glam quotient.” After all today, a sense of importance is so much synonymous with designation, money, power, consumerism and so on. So I decided to call my first idea as “Project smiley week” and the second one as “Project random love” Thus: PROJECT: Smiley Week TARGET: 1 person every week INCENTIVE: unknown as of now, we’ll see my friends :) and the second one as PROJECT: Random Love TARGET: a person every month INCENTIVE: Don’t know at this point! So, I set out achieving my targets. I won’t go into the details of my work, but can surely tell you the results and the incentives achieved!! Project smiley week- successful, target achieved! And incentive, a happy lil face who waves at me every day, a mother who is not afraid and not ready to abort a girl child and most importantly a happy me! Project random love- successful, target achieved! And incentive, what can I say? I feel like a citizen of the whole world now, I see myself everywhere. Well, I know the incentive doesn’t match up to a six figured salary or a British / American citizenship but it has a feeling of eternity about itself. The pursuit of happiness ends here, peace is here to stay! I realised that in today’s independent India where politicians do not leave much scope for improvement , it’s time we stopped complaining and started doing something , even a small step , individually .And it’ll add up to big changes. Like I have said in my blog: “Start by doing what is possible and Very soon you will be doing the impossible.” Now, you might ask me how the hell I knew so much about games and televisions and many such material things! Well, that’s the power of consumerism. But even after knowing them all I am not in dire need of possessing them, I have discovered the false notion of importance attached to them all. Now, that my friend, is the power of the soul:)