Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Think.....Therefore I Am.....


The other day I was at a social gathering where I met some new people or shall I say some new kind of people which introduced me to a soul searching question. Now, I must mention at this point that prior to this I have been working on self -empowerment, practicing meditation, listening to some much realised souls, in the process developing self confidence, esteem, understanding my true potential. But alas! All this time I was just thinking that I achieved the above mentioned transformation, when the truth is I need to work much more, much much more on myself than I thought to get to my inner peace!! I guess it was God’s way of telling me that I needed more practice to overcome the embarrassing act of such pretentious people. We were introduced to a person who is a writer but unfortunately (for him!) we didn’t know of him. And then started the whole charade on his part to make us realise his worth and worldly achievements. He cited examples of famous people (read celebrity) he knew, how rich he was etc etc. And all this left me at quite a loss of words, thoughts and reactions too I guess. So much of trumpeting did hit me hard and I realised I couldn’t say a single thing about myself. He was successful enough to make me blame myself for not being skilful enough to brag about myself in a sugar coated way. And then it suddenly hit me how an unrealised, uneducated soul can still cause a turmoil in me which only proves that I have a lot of work to do on myself to rise above these false, petty notions of self importance and popularity. At the end of my self analysis it all made me laugh at the fact that people around the world give so much importance to external factors, about trying to prove themselves and the emphasis is on looking and seeking outside rather than turning inside. It reminded me of:

“Give yourself a hug

When people put on airs

To make you feel a bug.....


And keep on singing,

‘Only one in a million like me

Only one in a million-billion-trillion-zillion

Like me.’”

I am working at it and the more you work on it my friends the happier and peaceful you’ll be.